How To Start Biking At College

A bicycle is an economical and environmentally-friendly type of transport. Biking strengthens the cardiovascular system and increases lung capacity. Almost everyone knows how to ride a bike or can learn it very quickly. Here's a quick guide on how to start biking. We hope it will help those who decided to start practicing.

Two most important tips:

1. Start slowly

You don't have to wear yourself out at the beginning. Even if you are already in good shape, biking uses a different set of muscles, and your body takes time to get used to new types of stress. Start riding just for fun. As a student, you may find additional free time for biking and help with lots of essays by reading edubirdie reviews and choosing the top-rated service.

2. Safety first

More importantly than in any other sport, you need to be safe when biking. Especially when you are riding on a highway. Practice biking only during daylight hours, obey the rules, wear brightly colored clothing that should preferably have reflectors, and remember to wear a helmet.


You can start with any old bike you have. If you have one lying around in your garage, or you know whom you can get it from, just inflate the wheels, make sure there are no holes and that's it. You don't need to buy anything expensive in the beginning. All you need is practice. If you can’t devote enough time to biking due to your homework, you may always use some good paperhelp.
If you have already climbed on a bike, traveled for a while, and are determined to do this, then, of course, you can buy a better bike. Good road bikes are lightweight, have stiff frames, thin tires (to reduce friction), and a whole host of features to ride fast and well.


Biking is more equipment dependent than any other sport. What is the minimum amount of equipment needed?


You should never drive without it. This can mean the difference between a simple headache and eating through a straw for you. You should not save on the helmet; it has to be safe. You may better save on writing service for your college tasks and choose essaypro to get value for money.

A bottle of water

Always carry one bottle with you. If you will be driving less than one hour, then you will not need it, but it is better to have it just in case.


It is very important not to forget to take a portable pump with you in case you have a puncture, or the tire will simply flatten.

Repair kit

A simple toolbox in the glove compartment should include a repair kit, a spare tube, a pair of rim spokes, and a universal wrench.
There are many other things for biking, but beginners don't need them.


Always be careful on the road. Common causes of cyclist incidents:

Open car doors

Advice for such cases: watch out not only for open doors, but also for those that may open, and do not drive too close to parked cars.

Hit by a car

If you ride on the very edge of the road, as most cyclists do, then the car may hit you when you try to overtake.


Try to be noticed by all drivers at the intersection. Turning can be dangerous if the drivers in the lane didn't notice you.
One of your main tasks is to train constantly. Remember, biking saves money on gas, doesn't pollute the environment, and keeps you fit. What could be better?